"Triple C" T+ Caramel Cawl Cay Boa

This T+ Caramel mutation has arisen spontaneously in my breeding group of Crawl cay and manifested itself originally in the founder Tangerine line Crawl cay female.

Characteristics are purple tongue and purple colouration where melanin would normally produce black pigment. This has arisen due to the inability of this snake to produce melanin, it can produce its components however but they dont mix to produce black.

T+ Caramel Crawl Cay:

While this trait arose and continues in the Tangerine line to F3 I have also produced another line of T+ Crawl cays which are more grey than orange, I call these T+ Smoke Crawl cay. This line of T+ is NOT to be confused with any existing T+ boa lines and is entirely confined to Crawl cay boa produced at Gazboas. 

Male Founder Of The T+ Smoke:

I believe this is an exciting gene,not only within the confines of pure bred Crawl cay,but also in its potential to be introduced into other existing Bci morphs.

T+ Caramel Crawl Cay Neonate 2012:

 An interesting sideline to this project is a single mature male hypermelanistic het T+ Caramel, this is a particularly beautiful boa and bodes well for some other projects.

Hypermelanistic Het T+ Caramel:

I also have a single hypo T+ Caramel Crawl cay from the Tangerine line and he has great future potential.

 Currently I have several litters of  T+ Caramel Crawl cay just born, along with hets (these are the tangerine animals). Also, a litter of T+ Smoke and het T+ Smoke due to slough soon.

T+ Caramel Tangerine Line Neonates 2012:


For 2012 there will be T+ Caramel and T+ Smoke Crawl cay for sale once feeding and also yearlings of both types may be released if surplus to Gazboas requirements.

T+ Smoke Neonates 2012:

 Keep your eye on Gazboas Available pages for First choice!