Salmon Boa

Salmon boas were originally produced by Rich Ichle in the USA from hypo melanistic Mainland boas obtained in Panama.

It is a co-dominant (visual recessive) hypomelanistic colour morph of boa.


I work with dwarf forms of these and the Albino form(Sunglow) in normal size and dwarf varieties.

 In addition,I work with patternless Salmons,Magicstripe-Salmons a new Bci morph,Double het for Sunglows and various abberantly patterned animals which may or may not prove to be genetic.

I am currently working with Dwarf pastel salmons,patternless salmons and the Magicstripe salmon line which produce by far the cleanest brightest salmons I have see.

 All of these can be found on Gazboas Available pages under salmon boas for sale or magicstripe salmon boas for sale and also on Reptile Forums Uk classifieds adds.


Maintainance (as per Common boas with mature sizes) being up to 7-8 feet for normal size and 4.5 feet for dwarfs.

 *Clip on YouTube-posted by a Customer (2011)*