Corallus Ruschenbergerii

I was very lucky to be able to obtain a group of these Tree boas from the Caraccas locality in Venezuela.

 These animals can grow to 7-8 foot in this locality and are at least polymorphic to a degree (not as much as hortulanus).

 So far I have produced two litters with another on the way for 2010,most of the animals have been black/cream animals either heavily patterned or plain black and highly irridescent.

 I have employed a different male this year who is black/yellow and time will tell if anything interesting comes of this breeding. Altogether,one of my all time favourite species,large and fairly placid and very easy to maintain,the neonates start easily on defrosted mice and regularly take massive meals resulting in rapid growth.



Since working with these animals I have been lucky enough to produced yellow and yellow/orange ruschis,these appeared simply as a result of swapping males one season.

Some were exported to the USA while three remained in the UK. I look forward to seeing what they might produce in years to come.