Magicstripe Boa

The Magic-stripe project was proven out June 2010 as a recessive genetic trait that produces a variety of stripes in each litter.The heterozygous animals also have very distinctive blotched saddles,making them easy to spot.

 The first breeding was of a stripe female boa X Sunglow to produce a litter of het stripe Salmons and Commons,also het kahl Albino.

The fastest growing male was bred back to the parent female,to produce 8 striped animals and a dozen hets with the distinctive blotches,all 100% het for kahl Albino and a mixture of Common/Salmons.

Of course there are a bunch of 3.5 foot het stripe/het Albino from the first breeding,most of which are Salmons.

This is a brand new Bci morph produced as a first at Gazboas; Magicstripe albino and Magicstripe sunglow boas are the next step now.

 Currently for the 2011/2012 season there are Salmon poss double het sunglow het magic X salmon poss double het sunglow het magic and salmon poss double het sunglow het magic X magicstripe common breedings in progress,which might just produce the first Magic albinos and Magic sunglows ever produced,which again will be new Bci morphs,all Kahl line albino. 

This project has plenty of potential for genetic striped Salmons/Albinos and Sunglows in the near future. Magicstripe boas can be found for sale on the Gazboas Available pages and Reptile Forums Uk classifieds adds.