Emerald Tree Boa

There was a time when I was heavily into Northern Shield Emeralds and spent lots of money and time trying to crack the regurgitaion problem,at the same time watching lots of my animals succumb to what is still a pretty much intactible and poorly understood problem. Eventually,the point arrived when enough was enough and I got out of Emeralds altogether and today I merely keep a couple of Amazon Basin animals with no need to breed them,as its just nice to have them around.

 Incidentally,for those who still struggle on,the stomachs of regurgitating Etb's have linings devoid of acid producing cells,this is why you see the classic regurged mouse with just head dissolved away.

 The only acid sectreting cells left are at the hind end of the stomach and such Emeralds can sometimes be maintained for long periods,however I found that whatever causes the problem is highly contagious (although it doesnt affect C.hortulanus for whatever reason).


Hopefully someone will sort this out one day and I know that several American universities are working on it,along with many vets and snake keepers worldwide.

 A snake with narrow tolerances in captivity-even though wild snakes have to cope with a whole variety of conditions in the rainforests,with temps from 65F-140F in the canopy,depending where you sit-wind/rain/hail,humidity from 0 yes zero (canopy dries out fast) to 100% varying on a daily basis-maybe we keep our animals in insufficiently dynamic conditions?   

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