Crawl Cay Dwarf Boa

Crawl Cay dwarf boa,currently lumped in with Boa constrictor imperator,come from a single sand cay off the coast of Belize Central America. This cay has an area of approximately one acre,consisting of mangrove,grass and sand,which accounts for half the cay,it is also inhabited at least some of the time by people and dogs. A recent National Geographic survey of the cay found 8 boas remaining,the first expeditions to the cay removed 65 animals of varying colours from white to black with orange and yellow individuals noted. I have had great sucess breeding these boas and currently work with several colour/pattern morphs,such as Tangerine line animals and the Pinkfire line (the pastels of the crawl cay world). All the Crawl Cay here at Gazboas are type 1 anerythrystic boas,also there are hypomelanistic Crawl cays here,both as breeders and for sale,along with possible superhypos and Tangerine line hypo. Incidentally,some American breeders have intimated that the Tangerine line founder female may be T+ albino as she has purple where there should be black,this remains to be investigated.

 Here is the partial striped crawl cay boa male who started it all :

The Crawl cay boa mature's at 4+years of age and between 3.5 and 4 feet long for females,and 30+inches for males,they are of slender build and like to climb. In the wild they are dependant on a twice yearly arrival of migrating passerine birds landing to rest on the cay,a real boom/bust feeding cycle. Neonates can be difficult to start feeding,presumably being lizard/bird eaters in the wild,however once started they are easily maintained with standard boa husbandry and feed well on defrosted mice/rats. They exhibit day/night and mood colour changes as do many boas. Adult sizes are generally less than 4.5 feet in length,I have a 22 year old gravid female here who has just topped the 4.5 foot mark.

The Male produced from this animal ^, that have now produced the striped neonates :

The Crawl cay boa has something of a nasty aggressive reputation,however it is overstated and F1 and F2 animals have much better temperaments,also it is almost invariably the neonates that hiss and strike whereas the adults are reasonably calm and most calm down in the first few months.Incidentally,both the Tangerine crawl cay boa and Pinkfire crawl cay boa lines have proven to be dominant,currently there are hypo X Tangerine line in progress and Pinkfire X Tangerine line. Along with hypermelanistic to anery and a few other interesting things along the way,updates occasionally available on Reptile Forums Uk snakes page or snakes pictures page.

The Female that was produced from this animal,that have now produced the striped neonates :

Crawl cay boas from all these morph lines can be found for sale on the Gazboas Available pages  and at Reptile Forums Uk classifieds adds.

2010 Neonate striped crawl cay boa :


(Please note: That these are Sold out for the 2010 season)


Some years ago I used a partially striped male bred to a normal looking Crawl cay boa to produce two litter mates with almost "jungle boa"markings. Those two snakes have produced a small litter today 20/6/10 with two long striped animals,one with a jungly saddle or two and a "hypo"(where did that come from??) thus proving the striped gene. Unfortunately there were 7 slugs (infertile ova) which will make it more difficult to decide how this gene is working,more work needs doing to clarify this.

Pinkfire crawl cay boa founder female :

 Have a striped female crawl cay boa gravid now.

Anery type1 crawl cay boa :