Annulated Tree Boa

I waited a long time to be able to get these,eventually got a group of 6 neonates in Holland.

 These were initially easy to maintain and grew like weeds until 30+inches,then all started to regurgitate and then died in short order. Unfortunately,it was after this setback that I gained a contact in the US with good annulatus experience,he informed me of the two lines,one pukes the other does not,also he told me to feed small items often for first three years and only switch to larger foods when the snakes stop growing lengthways and begin to bulk up.


 Armed with this information I imported two adults and a subadult from America and picked up a nice orange neonate fom a UK breeder and these appear problem free.

Breeding is proving problematic and there seems to be little response from the adults to the usual temperature/humidity cycling that gets Ruschis or Hortulanus in the mood. My American friend who has a much larger group has experinced the same problem and so far has only had a small litter of slugs (infertile ova). I figure this will take some years to sort out and should keep me off the streets at night anyway.