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"Triple C" T+ Caramel Crawl Cay boa:

A bit about me for starters,as a teenager and probably before,I have always been fascinated with reptiles,especially snakes. I started my career as it were,with wild  caught European lacertid lizards,having some success breeding wall lizards and green lizards,before moving onto Italian grass snakes,smooth snakes and British grass snakes. As always,more exotic fare beckoned from my local specialist,Dave Lester in the Serpentarium,Walsall. Of all the available animals,Boa constrictors and Tree boas were the hot favourites and eventually aquired.

Emerald Tree boa:

 I soon found that maintaining these was quite straightforward and the fascination grew. Now 30 years later I have a large collection consisting of Common boas,Crawl cay dwarf boas,Islas del maize boas,Salmon boas,Albinos (both lines) Sunglows,Leopard boas a New recessive Striped boa proven this year (2010) which I have christened "Magicstripe boas" and a few others that will keep me occupied unravelling their genetics for some years to come. However the main fascination is with tree boas and I now maintain Annulated tree boas,Amazon tree boas and mainland Venezuelan Corallus Ruschenbergerii,of which I have a group that have bred sucessfully for some years now.

Ruschenbergerii boa:

New Bci morphs  from Gazboas:

Over the years I have had the good fortune to be the first to work with and produce,for instance the CA Motley boa,several colour/pattern morphs of Crawl Cay dwarf boa and the Venezuelan Ruschenbergerii. These are the first UK produced yellow phase ruschenbergerii and now the recessive 'Magicstripe boas',which also produce some of the best pastel salmons I have seen,super clean and carrying intense pinks and peach body colouration and intense red tail saddles/stripes,also salmon Magicstripes all possible het for kahl albino. All of these can be found for sale in season on Gazboas available pages and Reptile Forums Uk classifieds.

Magicstripe boa:

In addition I have one or two lines of Bci to work with that could produce something special,already they have produced some of the cleanest brightest salmons I have seen,along with some new striped lines and lines with abberant patterns.

Salmon boa:

My snakes are maintained and bred in two temperature controlled rooms and takes up a fair chunk of my time these days,I strive to produce top quality captive bred animals,which I have exported to Japan,USA ,all over Europe and of course for the British home market.

Ruschenbergerii boa:

I can be found at some of the UK shows and if I am not in attendance snakes can be delivered with "Welsh Reptile Breeders" owned by Dave Davies.

I can be contacted on 07813723259, or E-mail to : gazboas@live.co.ukor PM on Reptile Forums UK under name "Gaz".

Also I can now be found on Facebook at "Gereint Gazboas Mortimer".

Regards Gaz.

Albino Boa: